House Buildings and Contents

The Home and Motor Insurance market is in turmoil, with everyone from supermarkets to web sites offering to sell insurance to the public. Buying insurance can be very confusing and often there is lots of small print to read with no-one to explain it. It can be very easy to come unstuck buying a policy which does not meet your needs, or provide the cover you require.

For a while we found that many of the alternative channels could provide prices that were far cheaper than those we were able to obtain through the reputable insurance companies with whom we dealt. However, recently I have noticed a change, and our prices can often match or beat the lowest that customers can find through alternative sources and our cover is frequently much better.

We are able to provide so much more than much of the competition with our experienced staff, some of whom have been arranging cover from here since 1988. Our personal lines broker, Ben Rochford, is happy to chat through your requirements either in person or on the telephone, without any obligation and will provide you with the best quotation we are able to offer, explain all the terms and conditions of the insurance and answer any questions you may have.

Why not approach us for a quotation? You have nothing to lose and may be pleasantly surprised by what we have available for you.

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